Catering Ideas


$79.50 each serves 12 - 15

Miki Salad - with Sundried Tomato, Feta, Pancetta, Roasted Kumara, Pine nuts and Mesclun

Rocket & Potato Salad - with Roasted Pumpkin, Pine Nuts, Sundried Tomatoes & Shaved Parmesan in a Cream & Mayonnaise Sauce

Thai Chicken Noodle Salad - with Mesclun, Bean Sprouts, Basil & Baby Corn, dressed with a Light Thai Sauce

Caesar Salad - with crispy bacon, shaved parmesan & croutons

Roast Vegetable Salad - seasonal vegetables baked in a light olive oil,  with a balsamic dressing & a mixed leaf

Greek Salad - with Fetta, Kalamatta Olive & a Lemon Vinagraitte

Balsamic Pasta Salad - with baby spinach, roasted kumara, fetta, roasted tomatoes & a balsamic dressing

Pesto Pasta Salad - with bocconcini, eggplant & roasted tomato

Classic Garden Salad - with boiled eggs, carrot, shaved cheddar & a light vinaigrette




$49.90 each serves 8-10

Tomato & Basil
Pumpkin, Camembert & Leek
Chicken & Asparagus
Bacon & Brie
Spinach & Ricotta
Red Salmon & Dill


Individual Savoury Fritatas

$7.90 each Minimum order 6 pieces each flavour

Ricotta, Baby Spinach & kalamatta olive
Leek & Brie
Roasted capsicum & baby spinach
Ham & Fetta
Roast Vegetable Fritata

$8.90 each Minimum order 6 pieces each flavour

Smoked Salmon, capers, onion & marsapone
Smoked Salmon, baby spinach & camembert


Gourmet Pies

$7.90 each. Minimum order 6 pieces each flavour

Morrocan Lamb
Steak & Mushroom
Beef & Burgundy
Steak & Bacon & Tomato
Chicken & Leek
Chicken & Mushroom
Chicken & Vegetable
Chicken & Asparagus
Sweet Lamb Curry
Shepherds Pie
Egg & Bacon
Salmon Mornay
Spinach & Ricotta
Green Curry Chicken


Gourmet Layered Potato Bake

$39.50 serves 8-10


Antipasto Platter

$59.50 serves 8-10


Beef Lasagne

$49.50 serves 6-8


Gourmet Meat & Chicken Platter

$79.50 serves 8-10


Cheese & Fruit Platter

$13.90 per serve


Fruit Platter

$8.90 per serve



With a Variety of fillings $10.50 per serve

Delicious Sandwich Platters

$8.90 per serve

With fillings such as:
Poached chicken breast with walnuts, shallots & mayonnaise
Roast beef with dill, cream cheese & baby spinach
Turkey breast with cranberry & mixed leaf
Leg ham off the bone with Dijon, sundried tomatoes & cheddar cheese


Beautiful Cakes

$4.95 per serve (two pieces per serve)

Platters of finger food sized cakes, 2 pieces per serve.
Eg; Country Caramel, passionfruit butter cake, Florentine Slice, Choc Mud cake, Banana Cake & Lemon Biscuit Slice

Plum or Cherry Tarts
Choc Mud Cakes
Lemon & Sour Cream Cakes
Carrot Cakes
Banana Cakes
Caramel Mud Cake

$49.50 Serves 12
$59.50 Serves 12-14
$49.50 Serves 12-14
$59.50 Serves 12-14
$59.50 Serves 12-14
$59.50 Serves 12-14


Gourmet Food Boxes

$22.50 per box

A selection of delicious sandwiches, Savoury tarts, Fresh Fruit in season, Handmade cakes or muffins & fruit juice

Or - A box made of your selections (price subject to selections)


The “Rosesmade” Christmas Puddings

500gram $14.90
1Kg $26.90


The “Rosesmade” Christmas Cake

500gram $14.90


Cocktail Food Selection Menu

All prices include GST


Per serve

Gourmet Ribbon or Triangle Sandwiches, with a Variety of Fillings


Gourmet Cakes (per serve)


Mini Chicken & Vegetable Pies


Mini Tandoori Chicken Pies


Mini Beef Pies


Mini Vegetable Pies



Flat Bread Wraps with a Variety of Fillings

(Mini) $2.25 (large) $4.25

Spicy Meatballs & Plum Sauce


Caramelised Red Onion & Feta Tartletts


Mini Quiches with a Variety of Fillings


Chicken Fillet Kebabs with a Creamy Satay Sauce


Tasty Petite Vegetable Pasties, With Homemade Sauce, Original or Curry


Crispy Spinach & Fetta Parcels


Prawn and Fennel Tartlets


Lamb Kebabs served with Mint Yoghurt


Honey & Sesame Seed Chicken Drumsticks


Baby Croissants Stuffed with Ham or Spinach Mornay



Mini Blinis with Smoked Salmon


Handmade Cocktail Sausage Rolls


Thai Chicken Sausage Rolls


Crunchy Thai Chicken & Peanut Cakes


Ham & Mushroom Tartletts


Sesame Beef Skewers


Creamy Tandoori Chicken Kebab


Cheese & Fruit Platter


Fruit Platter



All prices are subject to change without notice. Minimum orders may apply.